Lightbox Examples

Single Image

[lightbox url="" title="Image title"]single image[/lightbox]

Grouped Image 1
Grouped Image 2
Grouped Image 3

[lightbox url="" group="1" title="Image 1"]Grouped Image 1[/lightbox]
[lightbox url="" group="1" title="Image 2"]Grouped Image 2[/lightbox]
[lightbox url="" group="1" title="Image 3"]Grouped Image 3[/lightbox]

[lightbox url="" width="100%" height="100%" iframe="true"][image img="" /][/lightbox]

Inline Content

[lightbox url="#inline-content"]Inline Content[/lightbox]
<div id="inline-content" style="display: none;">
	<p><strong>What is Lorem Ipsum?</strong></p>
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[lightbox] shortcode parameters:

Parameter name Parameter description Possible values Default value
url The url of the content to open in the lightbox
title The title displayed in the lightbox
group The lightbox group this belongs to
iframe Set iframe to true if opening a web page inside a lightbox true or false false
width The width of the lightbox in pixels
height The height of the lightbox in pixels