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Dalton Electric Company was established in 1993 by Joe Spezialy. Joe’s son Dalton, who has autism, was the inspiration for the name of the company. Joe, and his wife Sandy, appreciate the challenges of this disability and have developed a model of housing for adults with disabilities called The Sunridge Ranch, they have also started a vocational program to specifically meet the needs of adults with disabilities, The Trellis Center, supporting adults with autism.

Comfortable overcoming challenges that come with having a son with autism prompted Joe to steer Dalton Electric Company toward projects that are perceived as difficult or challenging. Dalton Electric Company’s focus in the construction market is typically light industrial projects. We are known for our expertise working on dock, piers and ferry terminals. We have also completed a wide range wastewater and domestic pump stations. Lastly, we have recently expanded our portfolio of work to include Restaurants and large Amusement rides.

Dalton Electric Company’s commitment to “customer satisfied completion” of every job has earned us many happy clients. Furthermore, we believe that developing a conscientious construction partner with owners and general contractors is the surest path to a successful job.